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Brief Introduction of Our School

The School of Statistics and Applied Mathematics, Anhui University of Finance and Economics, was founded in January 2005. At present it has 5 teaching departments, 1 experimental center, 4 research institutes and offers 6 undergraduate programs as well as 4 master's programs.

In 2016, the affiliated Institute of Big Data was founded. We hired Dr. Yimin Xiao from Michigan State University as its first dean and recruited 17 well-known scholars from home and abroad to serve as academic committee members.

Our faculty team has rich experience in teaching and strong ability in academic research. On our team, there are 11 professors and 35 associate professors. 38 of us have a doctoral degree and 30 are now working as master tutors. Among our faculty members, 6 have been awarded Provincial Academic and Technical Leaders including backup candidates, 2 awarded National Excellent Teachers, 2 awarded Provincial Famous Teachers and 2 awarded Provincial Teaching Teams. We not only have a scientific structure of professional titles with strong education backgrounds and a reasonable age pattern but also a complete academic echelon. With the support of such a team, we now have over 1,400 undergraduates and postgraduates. The school has continuously achieved excellent grades in the assessment of teaching and research units of our university from 2011 to 2016.

Our school always places the training of scientific research team and the improvement of teachers' ability in the core position of discipline construction. During the past five years, it has undertaken 17 projects of Natural Science Foundation of China and National Social Science Fund of China, 11 projects of Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education, and more than 100 other provincial and ministerial research projects. Apart from research projects, our school has published more than 120 academic papers in important academic journals of the country such as Science China, Economic Research Journal, Statistical Research, China Economic Quarterly, Chinese Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics and so on. More than 150 papers have been published in important academic journals of SCI, SSCI, EI, for example. Teachers have won more than 10 provincial and ministerial major awards such as Humanities and Social Sciences Award of Ministry of Education, Anhui Humanities and Social Sciences Award, National Statistical Scientific Research Achievement Award, etc.

In addition to academic research, our school has also published a series of annual reports such as Anhui Economic Development Research Report , Research Report on China's Environmental Economic Development, which have been read and instructed by the provincial and ministerial leaders at various times and become the symbolic achievements of our school's service to society.

Our school also actively organizes students to participate in the China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, the China Undergraduate Statistical Contest in Modeling as well as the Market Research Contest in Anhui. Up till now, we have registered many outstanding achievements s in these traditional competitions. Our students have won 54 international awards, 14 national level awards, 107 provincial level awards in various competitions since 2016. Among them, 12 contestants won first prize and 31 won second prize in Mathematical Contest in Modeling in 2017 . In addition, 2 students won national first prize and 3 others won national second prize in Finals of the Seventh National College Students Market Research and Analysis Contest. One of our teams won the first place in the group competition, ranked the top six among all the participating teams, and, as the winning mainland team, successfully advanced to the Finals of the Sixth Cross-strait College Students Market Investigation and Analysis of Contest held in Taiwan in late August. This is the second time we have won a ticket to enter the cross-strait games since 2016.

In 2016, there were 392 graduates in our college, and 88 students were admitted as master's graduates. The admission rate was 22.45 percent of the total number of graduates, and the acceptance rate ranked first in the whole university. The enrollment rate of statistics was 30.56%. Twenty students were admitted to Peking University, Nanjing University and other 985 project universities. Five undergraduates were admitted to world-class universities such as Oxford University, Columbia University and Glasgow University. 31 graduates were admitted to 211 project universities, such as Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, etc.

Our school also attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation in teachers and students training, and has established cooperative relations with relative schools of Michigan State University, Northern Illinois University, Universidad Nacional Mayor De San Ma and so on. About 10 teachers and more than 20 students are engaged in joint training and studying programs per year.

Students' morality, intelligence and sports development, especially sports are also important parts on our education agenda. In 2016, our school won the first place in 10 of the 15 men's projects and won the first place in the men's group at the 38th University Sports Meet. Furthermore, at the 39th University Sports Meet, in 2017, our team ranked first in the men's group, and the overall score of the group was the third in the whole university, the record is better than every previous sports meeting. The dragon boat team formed by the university made outstanding achievements in the dragon boat invitational competition both in Anhui province and China.