The volleyball team of our college achieved good results in the volleyball competition of Anhui University of Finance and Economics.
Date: 2023-05-09 Views: 10

On the afternoon of April 26th, the volleyball competition organized by the Volleyball Association of Anhui University of Finance and Economics came to a successful end. After the fierce competition, our college's volleyball team won the third place in the men's volleyball group. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, the women's team also won the fifth place in the women's volleyball group. On the court, each players tried their best to fight and save every point. In the face of occasional mistakes, they comforted and encouraged each other. They didn’t get discouraged even when the score was falling behind. They cheered each other on as they scored brilliant points and became more focused. Their teamwork was fully demonstrated. The exciting game also won the cheers of the audience at the scene. The wonderful performance of the volleyball players on the field reflects the youthful vitality.

 The volleyball game not only promotes the friendly communication among students and improves their physical fitness, but also embody the indomitable spirit of our students.