College union organizes walking activities
Date: 2020-01-01 Views: 15

 On the afternoon of December 31, the union of the School of Statistics and Applied Mathematics organized a walking event with the theme of "welcoming New Year's Day and happy fitness" in Longhu Park. More than 40 members of the college union participated.

 The activity starts from the landmark of Longhu North-South Boundary Line, walks clockwise along the innermost side of Longhu Qiaotou Park, crosses the Longhu Bridge to the sailing landmark, and then returns to the North-South Boundary Line. The whole journey is about 3 kilometers. Everyone was full of energy and strode forward. They said that they found fun, relaxed their bodies and minds, and improved communication and exchanges with colleagues. They also strengthened the team's awareness of coordination while exercising.

 This walking activity inspired everyone's enthusiasm to actively participate in physical exercise, cultivated a sense of teamwork, a sense of collective honor and responsibility, strengthened cohesion and centripetal force, and benefited everyone to devote themselves to work with a full state of mind. The development of various undertakings contributes even greater strength.