College Holds Second Meeting of First Staff Representative Conference
Date: 2019-12-30 Views: 14

 On December 29, the college held the second meeting of the first faculty congress in the conference room of the East Campus College. The school's party and government officials and faculty and staff representatives attended the meeting. The chairman of the Trade Union Statistics College Branch, Ge Huaiquan, chaired the meeting.

 The meeting heard and reviewed the work report of the dean and the work report of the union.

 The dean's work report comprehensively reviewed and summarized the various tasks of the college in 2019, objectively analyzed the difficulties and problems faced in the development of the cause, and scientifically planned the key tasks for 2020. The report pointed out that in 2019, the college conscientiously implemented the various work requirements of the school's party committee administration, combined with its own development and construction reality, and continued to promote the work of the second batch of the "three comprehensive education" pilot comprehensive reform education college of the Provincial Committee of Education and Work Committee, focusing on discipline construction. Ideological and political work has been integrated into the school's "new economic management" construction project, and a comprehensive personnel training system with complete content, sound standards, scientific operation, strong guarantees, and outstanding results has been achieved, and various tasks have achieved excellent results.

 The labor union work report comprehensively summarizes the various work developments of the college branch union in 2019, comprehensively combing the concerns and concerns of the “difficult” people, organizing and participating in cultural and sports activities, strengthening the construction of teachers' morality, and actively participating in the discipline construction and strengthening Work on the construction of trade union organizations and the construction of assistance mechanisms for difficult employees. The report pointed out that with the strong support of the party and government leaders of the academy and the joint efforts of all members, the branch labor union of the academy united and cooperated with courage and dedication, achieved excellent results and received unanimous praise from departments at all levels.

 The delegations discussed the dean's work report and the union's work report carefully and fully in groups.

 Yao Jinzhuo made a concluding speech. He emphasized that we must implement the "Articles of Association of China (Amendment)", keep in mind the responsibilities and missions of educational unions, earnestly perform the basic duties of maintenance, and give full play to the role of teacher congresses, workers' congresses and trade unions in democratic management. We must continue to promote the construction of democratic management systems and mechanisms, continuously improve the scientific and democratic decision-making, and continuously improve the quality of ideological and political work. He demanded that all faculty and staff members should establish their original mission, fully implement the fundamental tasks of Lide Shuren, and work together to promote the sound and rapid development of the college.