College Party Committee Holds Symposium for Non-Party Persons
Date: 2019-12-30 Views: 198

 On the morning of December 29th, the School of Statistics and Applied Mathematics held a symposium for non-party people, summarizing and reporting on the development of the United Front work in 2019, and listening to the opinions and suggestions of representatives of non-party people on the party building and reform and development of the college. Members of the college's party and government leadership team, China Democracy League, China Democratic Construction Congress, Jiu San Society and non-partisan representatives attended the symposium. Yao Jinzhuo, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy, chaired the symposium.

 At the symposium, Yao Jinzhuo first summarized the college's united front work this year. He emphasized that this year's united front work in the college fully recognizes the significance of doing a good job in the united front in the new period, and puts the united front work on the important agenda of the party committee; establishes and perfects the united front work system to ensure the implementation of the party's united front work; Outsiders do practical things and get on well with the democratic parties and non-party personalities. In the future, the united front work needs to continue to work hard to solve four problems: First, to strengthen the research on the theory and policy of the united front, guided by the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Party, to discuss the new situation, new characteristics, and new work of the united front work in colleges and universities in the new period. The countermeasures will enable theoretical research to better guide practical work, advance the united front work with the times, and be full of innovation and sense of the times. The second is to further establish and improve the system of united front work. The third is to closely focus on the college's central work, maximize the strength of the backbone team of non-party teachers, and regularly organize them to discuss important issues in school and college work, and open channels to let them know and govern. Encourage them to make suggestions and give full play to their role as a "talent pool", a "think tank" and a democratic monitoring force. Fourth, it is necessary to extensively publicize and educate the United Front policy, further expand the publicity and education of the United Front, expand the impact of the United Front work, and let more people understand the principles and policies of the United Front work. Good situation in harmony.

 At the meeting, people from various democratic parties reported on the outstanding achievements made by their respective parties each year, and stated that they will continue to work hard to make more contributions to the development of the college.