The 10th Market Survey and Analysis Contest was successfully held
Date: 2019-12-16 Views: 13

In order to help our school students better understand the city tuning competition and achieve better results in the practice competition, the lecture of the tenth market survey and analysis competition organized by the Market Research Association on the evening of December 4 was held at 104, Mingde Building . In this lecture, Professor Sun Xin from the School of Statistics and Applied Mathematics of Anhui University of Finance and Economics was invited to provide pre-match training guidance to participating students.

The theme of this lecture is "City tune competition process and contest selection points", which are mainly divided into "Event arrangements and rules description", "Team and mentor selection", "Investigation and research link grasp", "Writing report review criteria" and "Pleading The "link" consists of five parts. Mr. Sun focused on introducing us to market survey topic selection, written report review criteria, and research methods. In the course of the explanation, Sun Xin quoted some excellent award-winning papers and slides from the past. Through these excellent works, he gave a vivid and detailed introduction to the main points of thesis writing. The students who came to the lecture listened carefully, and took notes during the lecture. The teacher also patiently answered questions for the students. In the end, the lecture ended with warm applause.

 The lecture mainly made the participating students understand the specific schedule of the competition and the basic requirements of the entries, and guided the participants how to plan the competition time more reasonably and complete the entries with higher quality, while stimulating the enthusiasm of the participants and the team The ability to collaborate has laid a solid foundation for the participants to achieve good competition results in the future.