Professor Chen Huayou from Anhui University was invited to give a special lecture at the school
Date: 2019-11-29 Views: 228

On the morning of November 27th, Professor Chen Huayou, Deputy Dean of the School of Mathematical Sciences of Anhui University, was invited by the Graduate School, the Scientific Research Department and the School of Statistics and Applied Mathematics to give the theme "On Equivalence of Two Approaches to Group Decision Making" with Interval Multiplicative Preference Relation based on COWG Operator ". The lecture was hosted by Professor Yang Zhihui, deputy dean of the School of Statistics and Applied Mathematics.

 Based on continuous ordered weighted geometric operators, the report proposes two new methods for ranking all schemes in group decision making using the interval multiplicative preference relationship (IMPR), and points out their solution equivalence. The COWG operator is introduced first, and a single IMPR is integrated into a real multiplicative preference relationship, and the priority vector is obtained using the feature vector method proposed by Saaty.Then two new methods are proposed to obtain the group ranking vector. One is the weighted geometric averaging method (WGMM), which performs weighted geometric averaging on all individual ranking vectors with acceptable multiplicative preference relationship consistency; One is the relative entropy method (REM). Based on the concept of relative entropy, an optimization model is established to minimize the difference between the group ranking vector and all individual ranking vectors. Finally, through research, we found that REM and WGMM have the same solution, which provides a theoretical basis for the optimization of WGMM. Professor Chen Huayou's report is cutting-edge, rich in content, novel in thought, and explained in simple terms. It introduces the background of the problem, the introduction of ideas, analysis of the method, and the construction of the model. After the report, after the report, he exchanged and guided the writing of academic papers with graduate students in quantitative economics. The teachers and students participating in the meeting were deeply inspired.

 Chen Huayou is the Deputy Dean of the School of Mathematical Sciences of Anhui University, a professor, a doctoral tutor, an academic and technical leader in Anhui Province, a famous teaching teacher in Anhui Province, an outstanding teacher award from Baosteel, and a national outstanding instructor in mathematical modeling. The main research directions are statistical forecasting and decision-making, operations research and management. He presided over 4 general projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Outstanding Youth Science Foundation of Anhui Province. Published more than 100 academic papers, including SCI / SSCI retrieved 80 papers, published 2 monographs and 3 textbooks in Science Press. He has won three first prizes in teaching achievements in Anhui Province, instructed undergraduates to participate in mathematical modeling competitions, and won more than 20 first and second prizes in international modeling, and first and second prizes in national modeling.