School of Statistics and Applied Mathematics 2020 notice of recommending excellent fresh bachelor graduates to exempt exams for master degree graduate work
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According to the Ministry of Education's document and the "Implementation Measures of Anhui University of Finance and Economics Recommending Excellent Graduates Exempted from Examination to Study for Master Degree Graduates", the relevant matters regarding the recommendation of this year's 2020 Excellent Undergraduate Graduates to Exemption from Examination as Graduate Students are hereby notified:

First,Leading Group

In order to ensure the openness, fairness and impartiality of the exemption work, the college decided to establish a leading group, inspection team and review group for the exemption selection work to organize the exemption work.

Leading Group

Team Leader: Zhang Huanming

Team members: Li Xiaosheng, Yu Huayin, Ma Chengwen, Yang Zhihui, Shao Junxia, Tang Longsheng, Hou Zhenrong

Inspection Team

Leader: Yao Jinzhuo

Team members: Lei Hongsheng, Li Yong, Yang Yejun, Wang Yumei

Review team

Team Leader: Zhang Huanming

Team members: Li Xiaosheng, Yu Huayin, Ma Chengwen, Yang Zhihui, Lin Fang, Shao Junxia, Hou Zhenrong

Second,Recommended objects and selection conditions

IRecommended object

The 2020 new graduates of our college admitted to the National Ordinary Undergraduate Enrollment Program.

IISelection conditions

one. Good moral character. Adhere to the four basic principles and observe discipline and law. Good conduct and no record of disciplinary action.

two. Study diligently, study hard, have excellent grades, and retake the course without additional exams. College English Level 6 test score of 425 and above. In the first three years of the undergraduate course, the overall evaluation scores of the compulsory examination courses rank among the top 30% of the majors.

three.Strong academic research interest, strong sense of innovation, innovative ability and professional ability. Focus on investigating academic papers published in journals, newspapers independently or with the first author, various scientific and technological and academic competitions.

four. Awards. Mainly include various honorary titles (such as outstanding college students, three good students, outstanding student cadres, etc.), and various competitions (such as the Challenge Cup, the National University Student Mathematics Competition, the National University Student Market Survey and Analysis Competition, mathematical modeling, and statistics subjects Competitions, national college English competitions, etc.), and contribute to the creation of spiritual civilization and a harmonious society (see typical examples of volunteerism, voluntary service, poverty alleviation, etc.).

five. Physical and mental health.

Third, the recommendation selection process

ISubmission of materials

  Individual student submission: All students who meet the qualifications and intend to apply shall submit the following materials to the Teaching and Research Office of C-514 Statistics College, Administrative Building 1, before 5pm on September 10th (Tuesday) No longer accepted.

(one) My application form; (copies of the paper materials are required for the counselor to sign opinions, and an electronic version of the application form is sent to the mailbox, the electronic application form naming rules: class + student number + name)

(two) Individual transcripts;

(three) The original and copy of the report card of Grade 6 in English;

(four) Original and photocopy of honorary title;

(five) The original and photocopy of the contest winning project;

(six) Published originals and photocopies, and check reports;

(seven) Original and photocopy of university students 'scientific research and innovation projects and university students' innovation and entrepreneurship projects;

Class submission: The class fills in the electronic version of the "Class Reporting Summary Form" based on the student's own application form and sends it to the mailbox

(II) College review and recommendation

The college's leading student selection team and expert review team review the applicant's relevant materials, and according to the "Statistics and Applied Mathematics2020 Recommended Exemption Graduate Student Selection Implementation Rules", the exemption students' examination course results, awards, scientific research Comprehensive inspection of three aspects with innovation ability, calculate comprehensive scores, sort and draw up a recommended list, and publish the list of waived students (including name, major, comprehensive assessment results, etc.) on the college website. The publicity period is 3 days.

The total scores of the exempted students are composed of the total scores of the compulsory examination courses, the awards, and the scientific research and innovation ability. Among them: the total scoring of the six semester examinations accounted for 70%, the awards accounted for 15% of the total, and research and innovation capabilities accounted for 15%. For detailed rules, please refer to Appendix two "Implementation Rules for the Selection of Exempted Graduate Students Recommended by the School of Statistics and Applied Mathematics in 2020

Fourth, the operation schedule

one.Before September 7.In accordance with the "Implementation Measures of Anhui University of Finance and Economics recommending outstanding fresh graduates free of examination for postgraduate graduate students", the college announced the implementation rules of the college on the homepage of the college website and submitted a stamped version to the graduate admissions office.

two.September 16. The college will send a list of exempted students to the Graduate Admissions Office in the paper format of the stamp in accordance with the format required in Annex two. The electronic version (EXCEL form) will be sent to

three.September 16-18.The college will publish the list of exempt students for 3 days on the college website homepage.

four.September16-27.The Graduate School Office will make a 10-day announcement on the homepage of the Graduate Admissions Network.

five.Before September 23. Each college has bound all the student registration materials that meet the application requirements and the relevant materials in the recommended test exemption process in order and keep them for reference.

six.September 25. The Graduate School Office will upload the list of exempt students to the nationally recommended outstanding fresh graduates who are exempt from the postgraduate study of information disclosure and management service system.

seven.September 28-October25. The acceptance stage is recommended for graduate students who are exempt from the exam.

Fifth. Supervision Phone: 0552-3175892

School of Statistics and Applied Mathematics

September 6, 2019