Challenges are everywhere, and the topic is dominated by you--The Fifth Super Speaker Speech Contest of our school comes to a successful end
Date: 2019-11-19 Views: 18

On the evening of November 17, the large-scale competition "Super Speaker" hosted by the Youth League Committee of the College and hosted by the Youth League Information Department and the Internet Propaganda Department successfully concluded in the lecture hall of the East University Library. Some students at grades 18 and 19 participated in the event.

Based on the concept of "challenge everywhere, the topic is dominated by you", the super speaker competition provides a stage for all students to exercise eloquence and opens a window to showcase campus culture.After fierce competition in the preliminary and rematch, a total of 6 players stood out from more than 500 participants. They successfully entered the final stage and competed for the final victory.

At 7 pm, the final officially started. The wonderful performance brought by the hip-hop club aroused the enthusiasm of the students. Then the players gave a long-prepared speech. The players were arrogant and each expressed their opinions. The judges of the judges pointed out the players the bright spots and shortcomings, the humorous language won applause. Then the six players performed their talent show. Songs, dances, dubbing shows, and melodrama were staged one after another. In the popularity awards selection, the scene was enthusiastic. The audience raised their glow sticks and voted for the contestants.

After judging by the judges and the public, the students Wang Le, Zhang Chaojun and Li Shengnan finally won the first prize, second prize and third prize of the 5th Super Speaker Competition with their excellent speech skills and wonderful live performance. Zhang Chaojun won the popularity award for his outstanding performance.

In this competition, the players presented a wonderful audio-visual feast with their best performances. Through this round of speeches, the super speaker aims to make every student understand that the speech stage is everywhere, and everyone's love for speech will always be bright and hot.