The college staff basketball team won the men's basketball championship of the year 2019
Date: 2019-11-08 Views: 20

On the afternoon of November 3, in the basketball court of west campus, the basketball team of faculty and staff of our college defeated the team of logistics group in the final of the 2019 annual faculty and men's basketball game.

A total of 17 teams took part in the tournament, which lasted eight days and involved 39 matches. Through the group round robin and the elimination of the two stages, the faculty and staff basketball team of our college successively defeated the third, accounting school, school of finance, and in the elimination of the second, the first, and finally logistics group finals and won the championship!

In recent years, our college has actively carried out sports activities for teachers and students. The championship of the basketball game, the college team successfully defended, this is not only to our college vigorously to carry out sports activities affirmation, but also a new starting point, I believe that the college athletes will be unproud, persistent, create new results!