Master of Statistics
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ACADEMIC PLANNING SHEET                            Graduate

Sept. 2018


Name: Master of Statistics (MS)


The program has been keeping up with the international development in statistics and bringing mathematical statistics in line with social and economic statistics. Using statistical methods, the students will be able to conduct quantitative researches on topics in broad fields such as economics science, human and social science and management science.

The graduates in the master program will have a solid foundation of statistical theories and a systematic understanding of specific knowledge in his/her research area. He/she will have the ability to collect, sort and analyze the data independently and to provide technical support to decision-making by delivering quantitative evidences, and reach a reasonable level of competence in statistical analysis. The graduates will be capable for further education and researches in Ph.D. programs.


Program Requirements

Students in the Master of Statistics program take 17 courses, consisting of the 11 core courses and 6 electives.


Core Courses

Students must take the following 11 courses:

Political   Economics

Graduate   English

Intermediate   Economics


Economic   and Quantitative Analysis

Selected   Classic Works of Marxism

Statistical   Theory

Statistics   for National Economy

Advanced   Mathematical Statistics

Time   Series Analysis

Sampling   Survey



MS students may choose any four elective courses from among the courses offered through the School of Statistics and Applied Mathematics or approved courses from other graduate partner programs at Anhui University of Finance and Economics.

Input-Output   Analysis

Nonparametric   Statistics

Statistics   Thematic

Analysis   on Financial Statistics

Multivariate   Statistical Analysis

Statistical   Analysis on Macro-economy

Information   Economics

Statistic   Forecasting and Decision