College Party Committee Seriously Holds the Special Democratic Life Meeting
Date: 2019-12-08 Views: 19

On the morning of December 7th, the party committee of the college held a special democratic life meeting entitled "Don't forget your original heart and keep your mission in mind". In accordance with the principle of "three stricts and three facts", compare the party constitution, party rules, and discipline with the actual thinking, work, life, and work style, conduct in-depth analysis and inspection, and carry out serious criticism and self-criticism. Germany. Members of the school's party and government leadership team, the head of the school's "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission" theme education supervision group leader, party branch secretary, teacher representatives, etc. attended the special democratic life meeting. The special democratic life meeting was chaired by Yao Jinzhuo, the party secretary of the college.

 In order to hold this special democratic life meeting, the college party committee attaches great importance to it and does a good job of preparatory work. The first is to study in depth before the meeting. The members of the team took the initiative to learn on their own, laying a solid foundation for the democratic life. The second is to solicit opinions widely. Hold seminars, individual talks and other ways to solicit teachers and students' opinions and suggestions on the leadership team and members. The third is to conduct in-depth talks. The members of the team carried out heart-to-heart talks, communicated ideas, pinpointed problems, and reached consensus in the process of heartfelt and frank communication. The fourth is to carefully write control inspection materials.

At the meeting, Yao Jinzhuo, on behalf of the party committee of the college, briefed the supervisory group on the development of the theme education and reviewed and analyzed the leadership team. Focusing on the "four comparisons" and "four finds and finds" to find the existing problems and deeply analyze the problems. Root cause, put forward specific rectification measures. The members of the college team made individual comparison checks one by one, carefully listened to the criticisms of the comrades present, and accepted everyone's opinions and suggestions with an open mind.

Zhu Chunsheng, the leader of the fourth group of the thematic education supervision group, commented, pointing out that our thematic democratic life will be well-prepared, the plan will be rigorous, and the problems will be checked and the problems will be avoided. The rectification measures are targeted, comrades treat each other frankly, and are always full of a sincere atmosphere of "unity-criticism-unity". Finally, Yao Jinzhuo made a statement. He said that everyone's criticism of the party committee and members of the academy is based on a highly responsible attitude towards organization, comrades, and careers, seeking truth from facts, serious and serious comments, and helping comrades with enthusiasm. Both pointed out specific problems and also proposed improvements. It is suggested that the team and members accept the criticisms with an open mind and accept them in full. They will seriously study the arrangements and implement them promptly.

The thematic democratic life will implement the spirit of rectification and discipline with a serious and serious attitude, embodying the political, contemporary, principled, and combative nature of the party's political life, and achieve the expected goals of looking right in the mirror and removing dust in the bath.